Flamingo Reversible Pinafore Dress Pink/Blue

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Reversible pinafore dress made with our exclusive flamingo design. Blue and Pink colour with contrasting buttons. Ready to post.


12-18 months


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Tunic Dresses Size Guide

How to measure

Our pinafore dresses are generously cut to accommodate a growing child! They allow room for a tshirt or long sleeved top to be worn underneath.

AgeCHEST (cm) - LENGTH (cm)
0-6 months25-36
6-12 months26-43
12-18 months28-47
18-24 months29-50
2-3 yrs31-54
3-4 yrs32-57
4-5 yrs33-61
5-6 yrs34-65
6-7 yrs35-69